About Us

Karen & Rita, was created by Beauty & Fashion Influencer Aaliyah Jay. Aaliyah was inspired by her Grandmother Karen and her Great Grandmother Rita, along with many other amazing women in her family. Growing up Aaliyah, watched the women in her family style and accessorize their outfits with only the best accessories and when we say BEST, we mean accessories that made a statement no matter the price! In Aaliyah's becoming of a young adult, she realized how much she identified with her grandmother's style & way of being and it inspired her to begin her journey in being her most authentic self. No matter what others felt or thought. On this journey, Aaliyah gravitated to statement jewelry like funky rings and colorful earrings that created moments as her grandmothers would wear when they were her age. This inspired Aaliyah to live her life to the fullest and only do things that made her feel her best self and if that meant wearing the craziest accessories while not caring what anyone thought, thats exactly what she was going to do; and this was how the Karen & Rita brand was born.  
Our CEO Aaliyah, has a passion for fashion. As a team, we plan to always create a safe space and set our own trends! We plan to be ourselves at all times while feeling, and looking our best!   
Karen & Rita is a brand that sells jewelry and accessories while making a statement with their products, and having their presence known. We stand for equality, women's rights & LGBTQIA + rights.  
Karen & Rita is fun and fresh, but also gives you high quality and a luxurious experience. The goal is to not only be a brand you want to support because their pieces are amazing and on trend, but the brand you want to be a part of because of what we stand for.

Meet our Founder, Aaliyah Jay as she explains her creative process behind Karen & Rita Jewelry