🪩✨Hey, Bestie!✨🪩 Say HELLO to Your New Favorite Accessories!

Tell us you're THAT GIRL without telling us YOU'RE THAT GIRL! It's officially YOUR season babe! It’s time to show them all who you truly are, with your chic rings and to-die for earrings. At Karen & Rita we cater to every girl of any aesthetic, as long as she is being her BEST self. After all, you can only be THAT girl by being in your most authentic era & wearing the best K&R accessories, RIGHT?!?! 💕

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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming THAT GIRL!

The Karen & Rita team is dedicated to making sure you look your best ALWAYS!  

This brand was created with beauty, kindness and authenticity in mind. Below will be a few tips and items that we KNOW will give you ALL of the confidence you need! 

  • Be Fearless!

    Being fearless doesn't know an age! The Rita's Rainbow Earring is daring, outspoken and full of confidence! Being your best, fearless self is just one step away with the Rita's Rainbow Earring.

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  • Become Your Higher Self!

    Being your best self at all times is way easier said than done. Every day WON'T be easy or the same, but making sure you have a clear identity of the person you want to be is the first and most important step. Dream about her/him. Think about her/him constantly. Who are they? What do they wear? What earrings are their favorites? If they're the Maxi Baby earrings, your already on the first step to being your best self!

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  • Wear The BEST Accessories!

    Being the It GIRL consist of two things. One half is looking the part and the other half is feeling and being the part. Being the part means looking your absolute BEST and making a statement without having to speak a word! To make a statement you have to WEAR a statement! Here at Karen & Rita, we've got you covered in that department! Make a statement with the High Fashion Statement Earrings!

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  • Be Kind!

    Being kind isn't just about others, but being kind is about ourself! And little do we know, it does more for ourself than we can actually recognize! The K+R brand represents kindness & humility all around the board and we'll do any and everything out of kindness! When we wear our It GIRL earring compliments are sure to come and we make sure to thank the people who notice... After all, being a It GIRL can only apply to those who exude kindness! Be kind to yourself and become an It GIRL!

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